miss Nolitax


The Action art of Hermann Nitsch -- Hermann Nitsch (1962-2003)

Nitsch is perhaps the finest example towards the realization of Artuad's theatre of cruelty. An idea rejecting the passive role of an audience to absorb the boundaries of the stage and speech and to rather become active participants in his affirmation of existence, his jouissance, celebration, and Fruedian Todestrieb of sorts. He cultivates beautifully, instincts repressed within mankind and a saturation of the senses that an interpretation or intention caught in the 'Dialogic Imagination' through communal language couldn't achieve. In using flesh and blood as the central constabulary of his work he has attracted the attention of many animal rights activists. I would however say, that this objectification of animal flesh and the entirety of animal cruelty within world industry certainly satiates our propensity towards wickedness and becomes quite a healthy activity for the psyche without which such a displacement of cruelty would have to manifest itself elsewhere. Whether it's your individual desire or not 'man certainly shares in man's guilt' and Nitsch continues approaching his Gesamtkunstwerk.